Manufacture of Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment

HEROS company dealing with constructions, production, service and sales techniques Drugstore since 1990. For more than 25 years we are interested in making and developing of medical and pharmaceutical equipment from Czech Republic for Europe, America and Asia. We make for our customers products to satisfy the individual preparation of pharmaceuticals. Next products are pharmaceutical furniture from Czech Republic – furniture accessories for laboratories, pharmacies and other medical facilities. The use of our products easier and faster to work in these facilities. We utilize the experience of our customers in developing and manufacturing. Our first goal is customer satisfaction with products of HEROS company.

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Catalogue of HEROS manufacture products

Suppository moulds - Czech Republic

Pharmaceutical suppository moulds from Czech Republic are used for the casting of different shapes, sizes and quantities.

Capsules fillers - Czech Republic

Complete assortment of tools for manual filling of hard gelatin capsules of all sizes in high quality. We offer four types of accessories for capsules and capsules fillers from Czech Republic.

Pharmaceutical Furniture – Czech Republic

Quality pharmaceutical furnitur from Czech Republic used for storage devices, pharmaceuticals, equipment and goods. We sort pharmaceutical furniture from Czech to the five categories.

Melting the mixtures

Apparatus for low-temperature dissolution of of medicinal compounds. More informations about product you can find on theese links: